katie’s camp

Hi! I’m Katie and I have a camp.  My camp is in my awesome bedroom.  It is a big brown and green quilt that I throw over my desk chair and bed post.  I set it up every night before I have to go to bed, a command that dad likes to yell up the stairs around 9 ish.

Most nights I bring my closest furry friends inside and prop them up in a cuddle.  Then I reach under my bed and pull out some crafty such and such and push it under my tent’s edge.  Books and my flashlight are a must inside my tent, so they are the last to go in as I tuck them inside my elbow crook and scoot inside.

I always bring in the book that I am still reading but I bring other favorites too.  Mostly I like picture books and yes,  I like encyclopedias.  I learn about stuff in a quick way.  Once I brought the encyclopedia into my forth grade class and everyone yelled, “NURD!”  So that book stays in my room and never comes out from  my secret such and such place.


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