skylar’s christmas remembered

HI, I’m Skylar and my 10th Christmas was ruined.  Me, my dad and mom were happy.  We had a house on Grant st that had my cool bedroom,  our cool tv and computer room, and a tiny kitchen that always smelled like butter cookies.  My mom was always home. She cleaned, cooked and grocery shopped during the day when I was at school and dad at work on the metro train.  When my school bus dropped me off at the corner up the street, my mom was always there to say “Hi Honey!”   Boy, I loved that moment each school day.  Mom would hold my hand as she and I walked past those strange people who wandered up and down our street all day long.  Mom and I would talk about everything and pretend that no one stared at us,  or called out cracker box jokes.

One day on that walk home from the school bus,  mom stopped and gripped my hand hard.  “Where is our car, Skylar?” she gasped. We looked up, we looked down, we looked over and around our block but there was no red four door car with a blue ball on the antenna.  We hurried up our steps to our porch and ran inside.  Mom called the police and I heard her say the truth, that our car was missing from our street, that is should be right outside of our sidewalk, and that it  had ALL of our Christmas presents in the trunk!!!  What? presents gone? how many were there? was my electric train in that car?  was my drum set in that car? was my Redskin jacket in that car?  what else was gone?  on no,  now, no hope of  happy boxes under our tree but sad thoughts of where are my gifts???


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