Oh My Knee

Bam. Ouch. Dang it!  Pop went my knee and thud went Charlotte’s head.  Hockey can be fun but boy can it hurt when we crash.  I wobble,  I cry,  I hate the thought of crutches!!!


skylar’s christmas remembered

HI, I’m Skylar and my 10th Christmas was ruined.  Me, my dad and mom were happy.  We had a house on Grant st that had my cool bedroom,  our cool tv and computer room, and a tiny kitchen that always smelled like butter cookies.  My mom was always home. She cleaned, cooked and grocery shopped during the day when I was at school and dad at work on the metro train.  When my school bus dropped me off at the corner up the street, my mom was always there to say “Hi Honey!”   Boy, I loved that moment each school day.  Mom would hold my hand as she and I walked past those strange people who wandered up and down our street all day long.  Mom and I would talk about everything and pretend that no one stared at us,  or called out cracker box jokes.

One day on that walk home from the school bus,  mom stopped and gripped my hand hard.  “Where is our car, Skylar?” she gasped. We looked up, we looked down, we looked over and around our block but there was no red four door car with a blue ball on the antenna.  We hurried up our steps to our porch and ran inside.  Mom called the police and I heard her say the truth, that our car was missing from our street, that is should be right outside of our sidewalk, and that it  had ALL of our Christmas presents in the trunk!!!  What? presents gone? how many were there? was my electric train in that car?  was my drum set in that car? was my Redskin jacket in that car?  what else was gone?  on no,  now, no hope of  happy boxes under our tree but sad thoughts of where are my gifts???

katie’s camp

Hi! I’m Katie and I have a camp.  My camp is in my awesome bedroom.  It is a big brown and green quilt that I throw over my desk chair and bed post.  I set it up every night before I have to go to bed, a command that dad likes to yell up the stairs around 9 ish.

Most nights I bring my closest furry friends inside and prop them up in a cuddle.  Then I reach under my bed and pull out some crafty such and such and push it under my tent’s edge.  Books and my flashlight are a must inside my tent, so they are the last to go in as I tuck them inside my elbow crook and scoot inside.

I always bring in the book that I am still reading but I bring other favorites too.  Mostly I like picture books and yes,  I like encyclopedias.  I learn about stuff in a quick way.  Once I brought the encyclopedia into my forth grade class and everyone yelled, “NURD!”  So that book stays in my room and never comes out from  my secret such and such place.

pressing deadlines

My next pressing deadline is completing morning responsibilities.  Then,  I will return home for my daily tuna on wheat.  Noon will bring a check of mail, both snail and e, read, and then student appointments.  Evening brings the most boring time of my day, every day.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Due Time.”

what the sunshine does for me

It’s sunny out!  The first sign that nothing can damper this day.  I want to sit in the warn rays,  listen to the snow geese honk their way above,  drive to the bay front and visit my neighbor, the chesapeake.  All with good intention but the electric blanket and time for a nap seduces me inside.  Thank goodness for windows!

Up at night

My shoulder hurts.  I sleep on my left shoulder every night so now it hurts most of the time.  The ache wakes me and then keeps me up at night.  I do not mind being up during the dark hours.  I tend to think of it as hollow time, free time, time to be free of my to do list.  So I cleaned my kitchen, watched Dr Phil and created a blog.  What do you think???